Hapdorn stories


Capital of the Grand Duchy of Thorgelfayne

Part Five

Melissa’s Space Diary
Christmas in Hapdorn—Part 1
Christmas in Hapdorn—Part 2
Melissa Receives a Thank-You Note
Melissa’s Surprise Party
John Anderson’s Close Encounter
Melissa Helps with Homework
Harshan’s Secret Gift
Melissa’s Family on Television
Melissa Flies Over the South Pole
Melissa Bakes an Extraterrestrial Pie
Melissa and the Wrathful Alien
Melissa Clears Her Head
Melissa Encounters the Fourth Morality
Harshan to the Rescue
John Anderson’s Club Meeting
The Joy of a Friend who Returns
John and Panu Depart for Herlup Province
An Orderly Conversation
Melissa and Harshan Go Shopping
Bobo Interviews Melissa’s Mother
Melissa Attends the Population Council Meeting
Melissa Calls for Help