Hapdorn stories


Capital of the Grand Duchy of Thorgelfayne

Part Two

How John Met Bobo
John’s Arrival in Thorgelfayne
A Mugging in Friendship Park
The Meaning of Life
The Breakdown
John Anderson Has Surgery
Melissa Applies For a Trip
A Surprise For Melissa
Melissa’s Departure
Melissa in the Moon
All Aboard for Homeland!
The Hazards of Space Travel
Melissa Arrives!
Melissa’s First Night in Hapdorn
Melissa Has Dinner With Friends
An Interview With Bobo
The Alien Vacuum Cleaner
Melissa Meets the Duke of Thorgelfayne
Melissa on Hapdorn Television
John Anderson’s Trees—Part 1
Harshan’s Good-Bye
Melissa Writes from Halakan
John Anderson’s Trees—Part 2
Melissa Learns about Halakanian Customs