Hapdorn stories


Capital of the Grand Duchy of Thorgelfayne

Part One

Bobo, Twelve Light-Years from Home
Bobo on Hugmups and Teddy Bears
Bobo Remembers his Grandfather’s Hugmup
Bobo’s Reason for Coming to Earth
Bobo and the UFO Society
Bobo Blows His Cover
Bobo’s in the Hospital
Bobo Joins the Gang
Bobo Takes Alexander on a Trip
Bobo and the Jack-in-the-Box
Bobo’s Loneliness
Bobo Files for Unemployment
Bobo and the Drunk
Bobo Finds a New Job
Bobo and Human Warfare
Bobo and the Birthday Party
Bobo and the Boy Who Loved Snakes
Bobo Waits for the Bus
Bobo and the Little Old Lady
Bobo Tends to a Stray Lamb
Bobo and the Floaters
Bobo and the Queen of Mars—Part 1
Bobo and the Queen of Mars—Part 2
Bobo and the Klutz
Bobo Goes to a Barbecue
Bobo Sees an Invisible Man
Bobo and the Walk in the Park