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About Hapdorn…

Hapdorn is a series of science-fiction episodes about interactions between humans and aliens. Most of the action on Earth takes place in the city of Chicago, and most of the action on the planet Homeland takes place in the city of Hapdorn.

If you are looking for a ho-hum run-of-the-mill story about a post-apocalyptic dystopia, with zombies, conspiracies, and evil overlords, as well as aliens with evil intent and strange appendages, this is not for you. You can pick almost any 21st-century movie at random for that. No need for me to add to the glut!

Hapdorn is about realistic people living believable lives under extraordinary circumstances in a fictional world that I fervently wish were real.

About the Author…

I live in Centreville, Virginia. My life is one big dystopia filled with setbacks, hardships, and tragedies, so I wrote these stories over the course of decades to give myself some relief.

I have another website on a different topic, with the imaginative name of Ken Collins' Website. It is older than Facebook, YouTube, or WikiPedia, which is why I’m so famous. NOT.